Below are some of my recent conference and traveling experiences.

  • Williamsburg, Virginia - my wife and I traveled to Williamsburg, Virginia. It was an excellent learning experience, and we enjoyed seeing this important part of history.
  • AECT 2015 International Convention - I attended this convention in Indianapolis, Indiana. It was illuminating, as always, though I was sick for most of the conference and therefore was unable to blog about the experience.
  • ACE Leadership Academy Academy for Department Chairs - I attended this academy in Chicago, Illinois. There were some excellent presenters and facilitators, and I appreciate their insights and leadership at the workshop!
  • AECT 2014 International Convention - I attended this convention in Jacksonville, Florida. It was a great experience and I appreciated the direction that AECT's leadership is taking the organization.
  • 2014 Sabbatical - I went on a short sabbatical for the summer of 2014. This was an outstanding professional experience, and I wrote several articles, applied for the CPT Certification, and worked as a visiting scholar the Center for Innovative Design and Instruction at Utah State University.
  • 2014 Conference on Higher Education Pedagogy - I attended the Conference on Higher Education Pedagogy in Blacksburg, Va, with my coworkers, Dr. David Ni, Barbara Carder, and Amy Vinchesi. It was a great conference and I enjoyed the experience. 
  • Working with SEU Faculty in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia - I was asked by my university to  travel a second time to Saudi Arabia, this time from January 17 through January 24, 2014. I again worked with the excellent faculty at Saudi Electronic University and conducted a workshop on Strategies for Teaching in a Hybrid Learning Environment. It was a great experience and I learned much from the excellent faculty and staff at this new university.
  • 30th Annual Academic Chairpersons Conference  - This was my first time attending the Academic Chairpersons Conference. I really enjoyed the experience because it gave me a fresh perspective on how I can more effectively serve as the chair of the IDPT Program at Franklin University. I met several outstanding academic professionals who had great insights.
  • Working with SEU Faculty in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia - I traveled to Saudi Arabia from November 1st through November 8th, 2013, to teach a graduate course in online instruction to faculty members of Saudi Electronic University. This is a new university that was recently established by royal decree in 2011. I and several other faculty members at Franklin University assisted in training the newly established faculty members in teaching in hybrid courses.
  • ISPI 2012 THE Performance Improvement Conference - This was my first experience attending ISPI's annual convention. It was an outstanding learning experience and through the experience I felt a positive shift in my approach to my own work.
  • AECT 2012 International Convention - I have attended many of AECT's Conventions and have always enjoyed the learning experience. At this conference, I enjoyed interacting with many of my friends and peers and learned a great deal through the experience.